Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus

how dare you not notice me while i ignore you

"I thought you were dead!" ( 5 year thing let's angst )

      “—Well He cleared his throat, That would be because I pretended to be.

"You really thought I cared about you?" ( late, so you don't have to do this )


                       “—No. Maybe.
         “It’s called being perceptive, Selina.
   “—And…self-aware.” He wasn’t the type to be cared for.
                     He was aware of that.


If  you  touch  what  is


І шіll тэаѓ Ўоц іито ріэсэѕ.

                                   And then,

I’ll set the remnants

                                                               [On fire.]



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imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face

        “I don’t think that’s helping.
         He said it half-heartedly.
         Clearly he was exhausted, but not for the usual reasons.