I can’t avoid jon forever…he’s making sure I know that. thank u for the reminder jon. anyways, I miss this blog a ton and so I think I’m actually going to get on and do things tomorrow. I rly need creepy shit and stuff but jon also really misses tommy COUGH COUGH COUGH but yeah anyways so I’ll probably see you guys tomorrow. Im gonna try to renounce this little hiatus thing as soon as I can, and i’ll probably watch batman begins or smth to try and get my muse stronger so yeah anyways goodnight

announcement; mini-hiatus


so, unfortunately, my muse for jon has like totally disappeared. i made a new blog, so i have a new muse, who’s really different from jon and w/e.

but i’ve also just been under a shit ton of fucking stress, and juggling two muses and keeping track of everything is hell. keeping track of one blog is already pretty difficult, and i’m losing followers on this blog anyways due to inactivity.

i just thought i’d post this to let you all know. hopefully this won’t last too long, but if it’s any longer than a month, then i’ll update it to an official hiatus. i really hope that never happens, and i’ll do everything i can to prevent it, but i can’t make any promises.

if you want to talk, i have skype and kik, and i will even give some people my phone number if requested. ( though it really does depend on who you are )

otherwise, you can reach me on this blog, or my main blog.


Guillermo Vázquez 


Guillermo Vázquez 


Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus

how dare you not notice me while i ignore you

"I thought you were dead!" ( 5 year thing let's angst )

      “—Well He cleared his throat, That would be because I pretended to be.

"You really thought I cared about you?" ( late, so you don't have to do this )


                       “—No. Maybe.
         “It’s called being perceptive, Selina.
   “—And…self-aware.” He wasn’t the type to be cared for.
                     He was aware of that.


If  you  touch  what  is


І шіll тэаѓ Ўоц іито ріэсэѕ.

                                   And then,

I’ll set the remnants

                                                               [On fire.]



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